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PSB Corporation is involved in manufacturing of Textiles since its inception making 100% Polyester and Blended Fabrics on most modern weaving looms and Dying & finishing Plants having well equipped laboratories.

We offer virtually any type of Synthetic & Blended Fabrics in width of 90 Cms to 150 Cms namely:

 100% Polyester & Polyester Blended Suiting, Shirting & Fabrics.
PSB Corporation, Exporter, Textiles, Fabrics, Yarn, Garments
 100% Cotton and Polyester Cotton Blended Suiting, Shirting & Fabrics.
 100% Polyester Fabrics & Dress Materials.
PSB Corporation, Exporter, Textiles, Fabrics, Yarn, Garments As per individual requirement we can offer any other quality besides some mentioned above. We have made commitment to meet and exceed customer's expectations. Besides we offer quality Yarns from most reputed manufacturers:

Yarn offered are:
 100% Polyester & 100% Viscose Yarns
 Polyester Viscose Blended Yarns
 100% Cotton & Polyester/Cotton Blended Yarns
 Texturised Yarns
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